Siteworks Explained

You’ve heard the stories. The house design. Perfect. The house price, spot on. The site works. A lot more than expected. Wait. What? What are these site works? And why am I paying this much for dirt to be pushed around on my block? You wouldn’t be alone and yes, the cost of site works can be a little frightening. But once you see what’s involved and how it works, you’ll see that it’s not the builder trying to over charge, but more a cost for what’s involved and one that many builders would love to avoid.

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What are siteworks?

Siteworks also, referred to as Earthworks are often blamed as a hidden cost when it comes to building. It is the process of levelling and compacting the ground for your new build.

Your earthworks will include:

• Site Scrape – To remove debris, rocks, trees, and any organic matter
• Removal of surplus soil from the site
• Preparation of the sand pad – this is machine compacted on your site to ensure your site is suitable for construction. The depth of the sand is dependent on your site.

Other cost factors that can be included in your overall siteworks cost:

• Soakwells
• Site Peg and House Set Out
• Retaining wall
• Limestone Access Track
• Gas, electricity and water runs
• Plumbing and Sewerage
• Footpath and Kurb Reinstallment

For a more specific idea of what your blocks siteworks will include contact us.

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