Our Difference

The Rural Building Company’s housing products are, in the main, very unique and very different. Yes, there are some homes out there that look like ours, but that’s where any similarity ends. We have always provided that bit more. That’s our difference.

We start with a 100mm slab. We make a greater allowance for engineering and surveying. Our roofs are all Colorbond. Even our standard oven has a separate grill. It’s these unseen benefits that make us different. With the displayed product it is the window types, the bush poles, unlined verandahs and exposed timbers, the steel work and external materials, the raking windows, the curved roof, the skillion roof, the high ceilings, the very elements that make The Rural Building Company unique and the essence of our personality.

Clean architectural lines, the extent of glazing and portal frames, the volume of the rooms and the external finishes – these are the difference between us and everybody else. And unlike most project homes, our houses just don’t have the façade, they look good from at least three sides. A typical project home when exposed on a large site can look quite ugly.

But most importantly it is the design itself, so essential to The Rural Building Company ethos. It is just not a compromise Yes, there is a cost in achieving our outcomes, so when you are comparing, talk to us about your aspirations and we will help you understand where we can be of assistance and where we are not prepared to compromise.

Meeting your financial expectations can, at times, be very easy, but it requires a more in-depth understanding of what we provide and what we believe are the imperatives so very necessary for us to deliver our promises to you.

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