Why Choose Us?

Choice of Construction

Whatever the type of home you want to build, single or double storey, first home or luxury home, we offer a choice of construction: double clay brick, reverse brick veneer, and framed homes on slab.

Choice of materials

We design and build homes that use a wide range of materials, from face brick work, corrugated metal, weatherboards and coloured renders to towering bush poles. We’ll mix and integrate materials to achieve the outcome you have in mind.

Your local builder builds it better

The Rural Building Company is not a Perth builder with a country office. We are a true ‘country’ builder who has extensively researched what people in our various regions want in their homes.

We’re committed to giving you the best home we possibly can. Rather than build to a price, we prefer to build to an exceptionally high standard. To this end, we include:

  • A dedicated Contract Administrator to look after you the whole way through the building process
  • Experienced Building Supervisors to make sure the building of your home is as stress free as possible
  • Local tradespeople

What’s more, our New Homes Consultants are locals, they live in the area, they could be your next door neighbour, and they know the region they work in. They are very experienced, are HIA Accredited and HIA GreenSmart Accredited.

When we build your home we have given it a lot of thought up front, even down to the type of internal bricks we use.

What does all this really mean to you?

When people come to do their colour and product selections with a builder, they can spend thousands of dollars bringing their home up to an acceptable standard of finish. What seemed a “really good price” at first can often turn out to be less attractive once the “extras” are included.

At The Rural Building Company, we have chosen the products that most people prefer and made them standard throughout our range of homes. This means you will have complete peace-of-mind, knowing that you are getting what you want included “upfront”. You won’t get any nasty surprises or have to dip into your savings to finish your home off.

What if you don’t need it all and would like to save money?

We’re quite happy to change the level of fixtures and fitting we are using – and this could give you some substantial savings.

Ask your New Homes Consultant, they will be able to help you to get the best results from whatever budget you have.

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