10 interior design tips for country living


Below are 10 interior design tips we believe you should keep consistent throughout your country style home.

  1. Finish. Use only one timber finish or colour in your home for the floors, cabinetry and furniture.
  1. Details. Keep doorframes and architraves the same throughout.
  1. Colour. Stick to a colour scheme or at last make sure the colours you choose compliment each other and share a warm tone.
  1. Style. Don’t mix and match too many styles throughout your home. Try and stick to less then three styles.
  1. Shape. Use the same shapes in particular spaces – for example, make sure all the chairs in one room have curved arms.
  1. Floors. Floors don’t have to be the same in every rooms but each floor should flow from the other. You can include both hard and soft flooring as long as you maintain a shared colour or texture to link them.
  1. Ceilings. Keeping ceilings white. This will help to enhance the sense of space in your home and tie everything together.
  1. Windows. Make sure windows dressing complement each other. Try and stick to two fabrics.
  1. Bathrooms. If you have more then one bathroom, try and link them stylistically by using the same features such as fittings and tiles.
  1. Lighting. Your lighting choices and fixtures should be consistent throughout your home. For example if you have down lights, then keep them the same throughout. The exception is pendant lights which tend to be a feature by themselves and you can incorporate a few different ones in your home to create a great effect.

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