5 tips for a low maintenance garden


1. Pick the best plants for your garden

This is very important for the upkeep and cost of maintaining your garden. Not only is it important to choose plants that look good, plants must also be suitable for the elements in which they are exposed to whether it is sun, shade, or rain.

2. Use fast growing plants and small pots

This tip will benefit any person looking to make the most of their garden. Using small plants that you can buy in tubes of 100mm pots will allow you to cover more ground with a smaller budget. The use of fast growing, hardy plants that require minimal water once developed survive best in the Australian environment.

3. Densely planted gardens

You can develop a full and luscious look by densely planting your garden. By doing so, you can protect the soil from exposure to full sunlight and wind thus making it difficult for weeds to develop. However it is very important that you ensure that plants are not too close to one another to ensure there is enough rooms for their root system to develop.

4. The use of succulents

Succulents have become very popular as of late for two simple reasons; they are unique and nearly indestructible. The key benefit of succulents is that they can cope in direct sunlight and challenging soil conditions. Due to their unique appearance, succulents look amazing in any environment both indoors and outdoors. If you are keeping succulents in pots, it is important to re-pot the succulent annually in a fast draining mixture that is designed for cacti or succulents.

5. Creeping vines

Have an unsightly wall or area you want to improve? Climbing vines are the perfect solution as they navigate the landscape in creative ways. Their foliage creates a visual impact in any outdoor area as they form living screens, soften hardscapes, reduce erosion and transform seemingly impossible areas. Unlike many other plants, vines can be trained with wire to cover horizontal surfaces or to climb vertical walls or trellises.

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