Add a splash of colour and a cup of originality

At the heart of the home lies the bustling kitchen, where meals, moments and memories are created.

What better way to reflect the vibrancy of a dinner party or games night than by injecting bold and happy colours into the space?

The Rural Building Co. Principal Designer Robert Kirkovski said adding colour through your cabinetry and splashback choices allowed personality and individuality to shine through.

“I love a bold choice,” he said.

“It’s so easy to play it safe and go with a monochromatic scheme within a kitchen but it is so rewarding when you step out of the safe zone, and go with a strong selection of material and colours.

“Colourful cabinetry can often enhance the importance of the room, provide a sense of fun and reflect a more casual aesthetic.

“Often the kitchen can be made to feel sterile but a bit of colour can make it more engaging and less formal.” Mr Kirkovski said cabinetry and splashback choices should be planned with the general feel and atmosphere of the room in mind.

“The colour and/or pattern of the cabinetry should be the backdrop and form the foundation of the overall colour scheme,” he said.

“Usually the colours used can often be muted or non-primary colours, as they are seen as safe options.

“Employing colour in these areas can be challenging but when done right, it can enable a space to become bespoke in application, seen to be original and make a statement.”

“To avoid ending up with a garish or kitschy look, search for inspiration online and experiment with colour samples.

“When choosing the cabinetry finishes, always create a mood board including the accompanying adjacent finishes in the specific space.” Mr Kirkovski said.

“Make sure the samples represent the proportions of each individual element, so a true representation can be gauged in how it will present and impact as a combination.

“Always test a sample of the colour on a small section of your cabinetry selections before committing to a bold decor palette.

“This allows you to see how the colour looks in your space and how it interacts with other elements such as the flooring and any selected wall colours in the immediate adjacent areas.”

Mr Kirkovski said it was also important to note how much natural light your kitchen received, as this would impact the perception of colour in the space.

“The brighter a space, the easier it will be to be adventurous with colour choices,” he said. “Artificial lighting should also be considered and included to make areas functional and usable.”

As trends come and go, Mr Kirkovski suggested making colour choices you would continue to love in the future.

“Trends change,” he said. “Sometimes a particular style will become a part of a desired design history and other times it won’t.

“That shouldn’t stop people from experimenting and trying something new.

“It is always best to engage the services of professionals to help you make the most of appropriate choices ensuring an exciting outcome, which can be appreciated for many years.”

Journalist: Madelin Hayes

Source: The West Australian New Homes, Saturday 9 March 2024

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