Talk about being the centre of attention

Whether it is a gracefully hanging chandelier, a bold furniture item or a powerful artwork, there is a sure way to turn heads in any room – a statement interior design piece.

According to The Rural Building Company Principal Designer Robert Kirkovski, what transforms a regular item into a feature is its ability to grab someone’s attention.

“A statement piece is a particular object which has been included into the interior design to capture interest, draw attention, create an element of surprise and establish a focal point,” he said.

“To create a standout piece, it must be eye-catching – something sparking visual interest and distinguishing itself from all surrounding elements in the space it occupies.

“If a person enters a room and takes a pause when they notice an item, then you’ve chosen an exceptional piece. If it’s followed by the slight tilt of the head, then you’ve done well.”

Mr Kirkovski said there were a few things to consider when selecting an item to become the showcase.

“Consider the scale – is it appropriate for the physical area it occupies and how does it compare to the proportions of other items nearby,” he said.

“Ensure you complement the style of the interior design. It’s nice to stand out but it should still be in the same design language as the rest of the interior.

“Balance is another element to be conscious of – create a balance of opposing colours, shapes and patterns of the interior surroundings.”

According to Mr Kirkovski, statement pieces can be adaptable and, when used right, it can make a timeless interior investment.

“Regularly editing and rotating statement pieces can help to keep your home’s design fresh and reflective of your evolving tastes,” he said.

“It’s also worth considering the versatility of it – some items can adapt to different styles and spaces, making them valuable long-term investments in your decor.”

While it might be tempting to use an abundance of feature items, Mr Kirkovski said it was important to be selective, ensure an item enhanced the design and to pick things suited to your own style.

“For me, a statement piece needs to belong,” he said.

“It’s essential to avoid incorporating it just for the sake of having one.

“The piece should feel like a natural addition completing the space and enhancing its design, rather than standing out as an isolated element.

“The great thing about interior design is it’s personal and subjective, with boundaries of comfort that vary for everyone.

“Stay within what feels right for you.”

Article by Sean Briggs, New Homes page four in The West Australian, Saturday 25 November 2023

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