Top 7 tips to prepare your garden for winter

Autumn is a busy time in the garden, clearing away decaying vegetation from the summer and preparing the garden before cold weather hits.

Let the clear up begin!

  1. Clean up your garden by removing dried leaves or unwanted growth. Use a rack to aerate mulch, as this will allow water and air to reach deeper into the soil.
  2. Rejuvenate your lawn. Prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead by spraying weeds and aerating the lawn to ensure air, water and nutrients are circulated within the soil.
  3. Prune back any old growth by trimming at the base. This will help to promote new growth as well as encouraging autumn flowering.
  4. Autumn is an excellent time to plant particularly after good rainfall. In autumn soils are still warm allowing new plants to establish good root growth before growth slows in winter. It is an ideal time for planting vegetable seedlings, as they will be ready for harvest in spring! It is also a great opportunity to plants new plants such as pansies to add colour in your garden throughout winter!
  5. This is a great time to empty your compost bin and start a new batch. Spread the compost around the base of plants which require additional care.
  6. Clean your gutters and drains. As leaves start dropping off trees, it is important to check your gutters are clear them to prevent overflow which can cause water damage within your home.
  7. Clean and store your gardening tools out of the weather. Sharpen tools so they are ready for spring gardening and dispose of any garden products that will have expired when spring comes.


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