The benefits of visiting your building site

We know how exciting it is to visit your construction site while your new home is being built! At The Rural Building Company we encourage you to regularly visit your building site for a number of reasons.

  • You can note any design changes which you would like to make in the early stages of construction to help reduce additional costs which may be incurred.
  • Your scheduled construction walk throughs with your Site Supervisor allow you to raise any concerns you may have and address them immediately.
Construction site for a new home - The Rural Building Co
Walk through do’s and don’ts


  • Make a list in advance of any questions you have about maintenance and warranty procedures.
  • Bring pens, paper and a camera so you can take notes and photos.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for walking through a construction site including closed in shoes.


  • Be late for the walk through as your Site Supervisor may have appointments with other clients on the same day.
  • Bring pets and children as it is important to focus your attention on what is being presented.
  • Rush through the walk through. Take your time and be thorough.

Remember: Building sites can be a dangerous place so it is important to meet with your Site Supervisor before entering your site.

Are you thinking of building a home in WA? Contact us, we’d love to be part of this exciting process.

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