Plants that repel mosquitoes

In summer we Aussies are renowned for our barbecues, especially with Australia Day coming up! Unfortunately, this outside tradition comes with a downside of flies and mosquitoes. Here are some plants that repel mosquitoes (or so we’ve been told!)

1. Lemongrass- Apparently they don’t like the citrus scent! As an added bonus you can add some flavour to your cooking!

2. Catnip – Supposedly works better than actual repellent! Best kept in hanging pots so it doesn’t take over the garden.

3. Marigold – Also repels aphids! Easy to maintain and great with a veggie garden.

4. Mint – Need we say more?

5. Rosemary – Not only does it smell beautiful and keep the mozzies at bay, you can use it in your cooking!

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