Make the most of your space in your home

Feeling a little claustrophobic of late? It might be due to a variety of reasons, like too much clutter, a new addition to the family or you’re lucky enough to fit a single bed in that guest room.

We have a few solutions up our sleeves to help you breathe a little more easy and to make the most of the space in your home. Check them out below.

The Bedroom
  1. Want to fit a bedside table but looks to cluttered? Try a wall mounted nightstand.
  2. Keep the monsters out from under the bed and add a few drawers for storage space.
  3. Drop lighting can eliminate the space a bedside lamp might take up.
  4. Remove bulky curtains from windows which can enclose a room and opt for sleek blinds. Remember natural light will enhance a room so ensure you have access to windows during the day.
  5. Mirrored wardrobe doors can increase the look and feel of a space dramatically.
The Laundry

You might think your laundry isn’t a very ‘frilly’ part of your home but here a a few ways to make it that bit more interesting.

  1. Add a drinks fridge, it will reduce the clutter from your kitchen and give you more fridge space for those additional left overs!
  2. Raise the bar for your washing. Literally. By adding a small platform below your washer and dryer you don’t have to continuously bend down. A small luxury.
  3. Built in laundry hampers – so simple but so effective.
The Kitchen

For some of us our kitchen is a reflection of your passion for food. For others, it provides the tools to refuel and get out. Either way reducing your kitchen clutter will efficiently help with all of the above. Here’s how.

  1. Let there be light. Depending on the location of your kitchen there isn’t often a need for heavy blinds. Whatever you do make sure you don’t completely block out the sun.
  2. Lighter floor colours will open up a space and if you opt for tiles ensure the grout matches to reduce the appearance of lines.
  3. Reflective appliances, we are told, can create the illusion of a larger space via the same way mirrors do. Just watch the fingerprints.

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