How to bring the vision to life at pre-start

Whether you’re heading to the coast or the countryside, chances are you’re looking forward to a new way of life. A life more leisurely, with time to enjoy your new surroundings, discover new interests, catch up with friends and spend time with the family.

You may be planning a traditional homestead on rolling acreage with views forever. Designing a luxury cabin by the beach, or getting ready to move to your own rural retreat surrounded by bushland and birdsong.

Needless to say this new way of living demands a home designed for all the good things you plan to enjoy.

The design of your new home has been chosen and fine-tuned for a perfect fit and you can already picture it’s big open spaces, spacious bedrooms, heart-of-the-home kitchen and glorious outdoor areas.

But maybe the detail hasn’t quite come into focus yet?

The taps, the tiles, the cabinets and the paint colours? 

All those fixtures and finishes that make your new house your new house.

That’s why many people building a new home often say they can’t wait for pre-start. 

Sitting down with our selections experts is when the vision really comes to life. 

They’ll help guide you as you make your selections, making sure you have everything ticked off the list, from the colour of the front door, to the number of power points in the study.

Here’s how pre-start works, plus some handy tips to help you get ready.

In person or online?

It is important to be prepared for your Pre-Start meeting. Ensuring you have a definitive idea of the selections for each space. You will be provided with log in details to our new Constructive Customer Portal which gives you flexibility to browse and make selections in the convenience of your own home. You will then come into your local office to confirm your selections and meet with your New Homes Administrator.

Essential reading

We recommend reviewing our Client Guide, Pre-start Checklist, Tile Selection Centre Document and Paint Schedule Document before you commence pre-start. Spending some time in the various supplier showrooms before pre-start is crucial as the products on show and the advice available will really help you make your selections.

On the day

During your pre-start session you will choose the colours, finishes and fixtures for your new home. You will also review your preliminary plans in detail and note any minor internal or external changes that might be needed. Adding those extra power points is a good example of the sort of change you might want to make at this stage.

The paperwork

Following your pre-start meeting, we’ll itemise your selections and any amendments to your plans as a Variation Order. This will then be sent to you to sign. Once all the variation documentation has been completed and signed, our drafting team will complete the final drawings for your home. These final drawings will include all internal and external specification choices, as well as all the electrical selections you’ve made. It’s important to note that once pre-start is complete and final plans are drawn, no more changes can be made to your home.


Once all the documentation has been completed and all the building approvals have been finalised you are now OK TO START! It’s time to begin building. 

Meet the supervisor

Your New Homes Administrator will introduce you to your Site Supervisor, who’ll provide updates on site and answer any questions you may have during your build. You can contact both your Site Supervisor and your New Homes Administrator at any time during the construction process.

Now it’s time to watch the vision become reality!

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