How to brighten up your country home this winter

Shorter winter days can feel a little dark and gloomy, but here are some ways to brighten up your country home this winter and increase the cozy factor all at once!

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  1. Lighting

Soft lighting is warm and inviting and can give help give your home a welcoming feel. You can achieve this by adding dimmers to your already installed ceiling lights or by incorporating lamps throughout your home to create a cosy atmosphere. Candles are another great alternative as they produce soft lighting while also spreading a scent throughout your home.

  1. Throws, rugs and pillows

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch with your favourite book and a blanket while it’s raining outside. Add a range of pillows to your couch and invest in rug that both feels good and looks good. A few extra pillows on your bed and a colourful throw on the end of your bed will create a relaxed and comfortable feel in your bedroom.

  1. Displaying art

Art is a great way to add character and create interest in your home. It could be as simple as getting a poster framed that you picked up from the Sunday market or hanging that large canvas piece that you have had sitting aside for an extend period of time.

  1. Add winter veggies to the garden

Gardens can still be full and lush during the winter months and with the help of the winter rain, it is a great time for the planting vegetables that like the colder conditions. Add vegetables such as broad beans, peas, cabbage, spinach and even tomatoes closer to the end of winter for a variety of foliage and textures.

  1. Fresh flowers

A small vase of flowers can brighten up any winter day. They instantly draw the eye and lend a fresh new look that makes you feel good about your living space. Coordinate bouquet colours with your home, or place a bright bouquet on your kitchen bench, coffee table or even in your hallway to welcome your visitors with some colour and light fragrance.

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