Designing a home with lifestyle in mind

Building a home will be one of the most exciting projects to embark on in life.

For those people building a home for the first time, there are some things that may be overlooked in the initial design stage, especially when designing a home to suit your lifestyle.

Building and Design Consultant Brook Leber has an impressive history in drafting and design that spans over 25 years.

Brook takes a common-sense approach, fused with creativity to collaborate with his clients to help them build their dream home.

Brook has provided some tips to bear in mind when meeting with your design consultant to design a house that you can call home.

Block specifics

When designing your home, there are considerations to keep in mind to maximise your block. How is your block orientated? Which areas of the home should face the sun and are there any views you are trying to take advantage of?

Selecting the perfect home design to maximise on passive solar design will reduce your energy consumption and be more pleasant to live in.

Need vs Want

A lot of people select home designs based upon re-sale value and not what is important for them.

Do your research and select the best home design that will look great and make everyday life easier.

What is important for you? Do you need fewer rooms that are larger in size? Do you spend more time outside than inside? Do you have hobbies

Now vs Then

Whilst the word ‘re-sale’ is often talked about, you should consider how a home can be dynamic and change during its lifespan.

Be it an elderly parent moving in, the boomerang kids that won’t move out or anything in between, a home must suit its occupants both now and into the future.

Is selecting a dynamic home design that can change in the future a priority or is this home a stepping stone.

Forever home vs stepping stone

Everyone has wiggle room but everyone also has a budget in mind that is realistic. Getting the most ‘bang-for-your-buck’ is always a consideration.

Is this your forever home or part of a 10-year plan? What can you do now and what can you do later? This will determine what features you need now and what you can do in the future.

Budget, budget, budget….

Last but not least. Budgets are everything and you need to know what your target is before looking at designs.

This will help shape your thoughts and know what home designs you should be looking at instead of getting your dreams shattered.

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