Heating your Home

We understand. Two words that speak volumes about The Rural Building Company. Over the years, we have compiled a wide range of home designs that that embrace the need to provide environmentally responsible housing.

If you’re building a home, there are options to consider to keep your new abode warm in winter. Principal Designer Rob Kirkovski has shared with us some advice to keep in mind when meeting with your home designer.

Natural method

Take advantage of those areas within your home that receive the winter sun and create sunny spaces for you to enjoy.

Having a correct orientation towards a northern aspect with glazing positioned correctly to capture the winter sun and allowing the light to enter the home, warm hard floor surfaces such as tiles or polished concrete. The sun heats up the floor and then the heat radiates outwards providing a natural warmth.

At the Rural Building Company, we understand and embrace the need for environmentally responsible housing. Our building and design consultants will work with you to design an energy-efficient home,

At The Rural Building Company, we understand that the essence of a good home design includes a plan to build an energy-efficient home to optimise natural warming opportunities.

Wood heating

There’s nothing quite like listening to the crackle and pop of a wood fire burning in the home. With the flicker of the light from the burning flame, a wood fire is visually appealing and can create a welcoming mood by providing an ambience of comfort.

The warmth that radiates from a wood fire is quite unique and is often the central feature within a living space as a result. Wood fires form the focus in winter, often with the furnishing layout surrounding the fire and becoming integral to the interior design and layout of the home.

A fireplace can often be a main feature of the home with varying designs including built in and free-standing fire places, enabling flexibility in a client’s style or preferences. Traditionally chopped wood can be used or more efficient pellet burners can be used where optimum efficiency is to be desired.

Gas heating

A gas fire or gas log heater can offer the aesthetics of a real wood fire, without using wood as a fuel source.

A gas log heater delivers the ambience of a cosy, warm living space but is also more efficient Gas heating produces more heat output than an electric heater, heating your space quicker while using less energy.

Underfloor heating

A fabulous method of heating, a heating mechanism is concealed within the floor substrate which directly heats the surface allowing then the heat to radiate gently outwards. This form of heating is unique in that the heats radiate from the floor upwards, and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the area it has been installed within. Another unique feature is that its unobtrusive, there is no sound and no smell; as a result, no allergens. This method can be costly to install but, on the flipside, then be efficient to run.

Considering all of your heating options is important to help beat the winter chills. Speak with one of our Building and Design Consultants to help you incorporate the best options for you in your home design.

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