Award Winning The Urban Retreat

The Urban Retreat had the honor of receiving two awards this month including:

GreenSmart Display Home of the Year 2014 and
Energy Efficiency Award 2014.

The Urban Retreat is unique in nature being that is achieves a 100% carbon neutral outcome through material selection, innovation in design, careful product selection.

The house was also assessed for its carbon footprint, both for the construction phase and the life cycle phase. The design was then refined to achieve a 90% improvement against the benchmark. Material embodied energy was considered throughout the home.

The Urban Retreat is a framed construction allowing for a 66% reduction of building waste when compared to a traditional brick and tile home of the same size and enabling an extra 8% living area for the same footprint.

The Urban Retreat provides a unique home within the project market, exploring options for sustainability and making these findings available to the client.

Congratulations Team!




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