Why build your new home with The Rural Building Company?

Have you decided to build a new home? Now, to make your building journey an enjoyable one, you need to find the right builder!

Here are our top four reasons as to why we believe you should build your dream home with The Rural Building Company.

why build

    1. Your local builder builds better

The Rural Building Company is not a Perth builder with a country office. We are a true ‘rural’ builder who has extensively researched what people in our various regions want in their homes.

We’re committed to giving you the best home we possibly can. Rather than build to a price, we prefer to build to an exceptionally high standard. To this end, we include:

  • A dedicated Contract Administrator to look after you the whole way through the building process
  • Experienced Building Supervisors to make sure the building of your home is as stress free as possible
  • Local tradespeople

What’s more, our Sales Consultants are locals, they live in the area, they could be your next door neighbour, and they know the region they work in. They are very experienced, HIA Accredited and HIA GreenSmart Accredited.

When we build your home we have given it a lot of thought up front, even down to the type of internal bricks we use.

    2. Reputation and experience

As an established family owned business with more than 20 years experience in building across regional WA – we know you deserve the best local advice, a wide choice of home designs and building materials, great value and award winning service. As an established company, we support local business and the local community with over 120 sporting teams supported by us in the various regions.

    3. Service

From a builder’s perspective – service is one of the most important considerations to make. You are making a large commitment – you want to be sure that people are available to you when you have questions, need to check items or simply to talk about how things are progressing. With offices located throughout WA, we can provide you with your own New Homes Consultant who will guide you through the sales and design process. They will provide you with a tailored Client File to help answer all your questions.

    4. Range of home designs

At The Rural Building Company we offer a range of home designs, we provide you with an insight into what we can and can’t do and we modify existing designs to meet your needs. Keep in mind a three bedroom home can be easily converted to a four bedroom design. If you prefer your towel rail in a certain position, or need bigger drawers than standard in your bathroom we can help!

Click here to view our range of home designs.

If you require further information, why not come and visit one of our display homes and speak to our friendly New Homes Consultants who will be willing to assist you no matter what stage of the building process you are at!

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