What to look for in a home builder

1. A builder’s range of home designs will give you a good insight into what they can and can’t do, and how flexible they are if you want to make changes to your design. Keep in mind a 3 bedroom home can be easily converted to a 4 bedroom design – and there’s more than one way to design a bathroom!

2. Price is usually the biggest factor in choice – but cheapest isn’t always best. By spending a little more money, your options can increase significantly and mean better quality items installed in the home, and better trades delivering a better finish.

3. A home is a huge investment so you want to be sure of a builders quality. Display homes are a good starting point, but also look at homes under construction. Also consider the maintenance period a builder offers and whether it is in house or outsourced. Quality appliances and fittings are also important so be sure to check which brands the builder uses as some products have better warranty periods than others.

4. The choices available to you are very important, as this will have the greatest effect on what your home could look like. A builders specification will outline the choices available to you, and the suppliers and showrooms to visit for different fittings, fixtures and appliances.

5. From a builders perspective – service is one of the most important considerations to make. You are making a large commitment – you want to be sure that people are available to you, when you have questions, need to check items, or simply to talk about how things are progressing. It’s a large commitment financially – but also emotionally. A good builder will ensure people are available to you and be motivated to provide you with a good building experience.

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