Top 10 tips to decorating your home

So you’ve finished building your home and now you need to decorate, but where to start? Here is a mini checklist we’ve set up for you!

1. Create a budget, sometimes the toughest thing to stick to but always best to start with!

2. Sketch a floorplan of your furniture layout, know where you would like things.

3. Measure everything, there is nothing worse than a couch that’s too big. Go shopping prepared!

4. Choose a colour palette. This doesn’t necessarily mean the latest trends but have an idea of the neutral colours you would like and when it comes to trends make sure the colour can be changed easily, like decorative pillow cases.

5. Paint, start your canvas!

6. Invest in some staple furniture, there are no rules that state you have to buy everything at once! Buy the necessities and work toward your perfectly fitted out home!

7. Invest in temporary furniture, cheap and easy, throw it out as you go.

8. Cut costs on accessories, if you are on a tight budget make sure you are buying the nessecities first.

9.  Create a wishlist, if things are still on the list a few months later you know they are keepers!

10. Enjoy your new home!


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