The perfect floor rug to suit your home design

Rugs help define spaces and are particularly useful in providing softness and comfort in open living spaces that have hard flooring.

We have put together a guide that will help you purchase the perfect rug for you home! This includes which size is best for your room, which style will suit your home and lifestyle and tips on how to care for your rug.


Here are some steps to finding the perfect floor rug to suit your home design!

     1. Size

Think about your space. Are you using a rug to fill a room, to define a seating area in a large open living area or to add colour and texture to your room? Once you have decided, measure the space. Rug sizes are fairly standard ranging from 120 x 180cm up to 270 x 330cm.

Living areas

If you are using a rug in a seating area, there a several options. A large rug place underneath furniture can instantly make a room feel spacious. If you wish to use a smaller rug, place the front legs of your sofa over the rug.

Dining rooms

If you are placing a rug under a dining table it is important to ensure the rug will be wide enough that the chairs are completely on the rug to prevent it from rolling up or getting damaged edges.


Rugs can add warmth and texture to bedrooms. Consider placing a large rug under the bed remembering that only the pattern on the edges of the rug will be visible. You can also consider adding a smaller rug at the footer or either side of the bed.

     2. Style

When choosing a style rug to suit your lifestyle and your home, take into account how much traffic the area will receive for example hallways are a high traffic area and will require a durable rug, while bedrooms and dinning room rugs will be less susceptible to heavy wear.

Flat weave rugs

Flat weave rugs range in style from traditional dhurries and kilims to modern styles featuring bright colours and graphic patterns. Because these rugs are flat woven rather than knotted, they tend to be much thinner than knotted rugs which is an advantage as they are highly versatile and easy to clean. They are often more affordable then pile rugs and are a great way to update a room, however they wont last as long as a pile rug in high traffic areas.

Pile rugs

Pile rugs can be hand made (also known as hand tufted) or machine made. If looked after well, high quality man made pile rugs can last a generation if not more. Choice of style is endless, from traditional Persian design to modern ‘shag’ styles. Materials used in pile rugs include wool, silk through to synthetic materials such as acrylic.

Natural fibre rugs

Flat woven from natural fibres extracted form plants such as sea grass, sisal, hemp and jute. These rugs add a casual feel to a room, are generally durable and affordable in price. They are available in a range of natural colour palettes, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

Hide rugs

Hide rugs add a touch of contemporary glamour to any room. Natural cowhide rugs feature unique patterns, shapes and colours allowing you to effortlessly introduce a striking feature in your home. Man-made cowhides are also also available in a range of colours and prints.

     3. Caring for your rug
  • When you purchase a new rug, keep the care tag intact for future cleaning.
  • Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt particles.
  • Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. However don’t rub! Instead blot the stain to absurd excess moisture then apply water and soap wash to lift stains, and then blot again.
  • If your rug received sun or high foot traffic in a particular area, rotate it regularly to prevent uneven wear.
  • When storing your rug, ensure that it is professionally cleaned and wrapped before storing.

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