How to add colour and pattern to your rural retreat

View of open plan kitchen with large wooden table on Persian rug with white kitchen island - Rural Building Co.

Here are some useful tips to add colour and pattern to your rural retreat home!

Do limit the number of colours you use. White provides the perfect canvas for layering colours. Aim for two neutral colours and two hues then add one extra accent colour to make the other colours pop. If you want to go for a sophisticated look, aim for fewer colours.

Don’t start with colour and pattern. When designing a room, begin with major pieces in neutrals such as couches, tables and chairs before you think about wall treatments, throws, cushions and rugs.

Do use soft furnishings, accessories and artwork to add colour and pattern to your room. Cushions are relatively inexpensive and can be changed every year or so along with rugs which don’t tend to last an extensive period of time. Artwork can also be moved to a different room or replaced to create a new theme in the room.

Don’t buy a sofa with a pattern on it. This is a large piece so by having a bold pattern it can dominate the room and make it difficult to bring together the other objects of the room. Sofas are expensive so as colour and pattern trends change you don’t want to buy a new one regularly.

Do use rugs to ground furniture and define the space. This is a must for rooms with wooden floorboards or concrete flooring, as they will also add warmth underfoot.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on something you love. This could be a couch, artwork, lighting or a rug. This item has the potential to become the hero piece of the room and one that you will have and enjoy forever.

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