Delays when building

When building a new home, we understand that you will be excited to see the finished product. The quickest way to get to see your new home is to have people working on it every workday.  However there are a number of unavoidable delays that can influence the construction timeline.

  • Permits and approvals: One hold up that can be out of your Site Supervisors’ hands is permitting. Permits and council approvals can take time to be process by the local council and construction cannot commence until council approval is received.
  • Weather: Until a roof goes on, rain can stop most activities from progressing. Wet conditions can prevent activities such as pouring concrete, underground plumbing etc. Alternatively, very hot temperatures can also be dangerous, affecting the speed that work is done.
  • Project curing or drying time: Your home will need time to properly cure prior to work progressing. One example of this is the concrete slab. It is an acceptable practice to let poured concrete cure for a few weeks to increase the strength of the concrete. If it isn’t given proper time to cure, it can develop cracks.
  • Number of workers on site: The number of workers on site at any given point in time can influence the construction timeline. For example, a tile roof will take longer to install with one person, than if you have four people working on the job.

With proper planning, your new home project will move along at a brisk pace, helping you to avoid unnecessary, costly delays.  By including some extra days in your schedule for Mother Nature’s inevitable interruptions, you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Are you thinking of building a new home? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you no matter what stage you are at.

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