7 reasons your home needs a pot plant (or two)

The days are long gone when ‘indoor greenery’ referred to a sad, thirsty-looking house plant languishing in the corner of the room. Today’s interior foliage is super-stylish and bursting with natural vitality.  

From giant tropical specimens, to micro-sized succulents, we’re finding places to add a thriving plant or two. Or three, or four.

In some cases, we’re creating whole indoor gardens, with internal courtyards another an invitation to bridge the gap between house and garden. 

Yes, pot plants are on trend. And for good reason too.

Here are 7 of our favourite reasons to bring a little plant life into your home life.

  1. Indoor plants boost our mood

Who knew a simple plant had such stress-busting powers? When the days feel a little on the grey side, some indoor greenery can help lift our spirits, connecting us to nature and transporting us to far-flung corners of the globe. From relaxing island paradise, to soothing rain forest, plants can help generate feelings of calm, relaxation and happiness. House plants are said to be great for concentration and productivity too.

2. Plants are all over Pinterest 

Pot plants are on-trend. Whether it’s a simple collection of fresh herbs in pots in a kitchen, the sculptural green leaves of a monstera against crisp white walls, a tiny echeveria in a cute pot perched on the side of the bath or a romantic tumble of devil’s ivy down the side of the bookcase, there’s greenery for every room in the house.

  1. Pot plants bring the outside inside

Modern homes are designed with indoor/outdoor living in mind, so why not accessorize with foliage to make the transition as seamless as possible?

  1. Plants are said to improve air quality

Often described as natural air purifiers, certain plants are said to be useful in reducing toxins in the air, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Those in the know say the bigger and leafier the plant, the better.

  1. There’s a pot plant to suit any style

From casual beach-house to country hideaway, there’s a choice of plants to suit every style of home and homeowner. Grouping plants is a great way to add extra impact. Individual plants – large or small – can really shine when given their own space. Choosing pots that complement your decorating style will help keep your plant choices looking fresh and stylish.  

  1. Easy-maintenance options

You don’t need a green thumb to nurture an indoor garden. Selecting the right plant for the right spot is half the battle. The other half is not overwatering your new green buddy. There are plenty of hardy, low-maintenance choices if you don’t think you’re responsible enough yet for the more temperamental specimens. And don’t overlook the humble cacti. They can always be relied on to survive even the most neglectful of treatment. 

  1. Instant transformation

Decorating with plants can be an easy and cost-effective way to add instant style and personality to any room, softening any edges and making the space look alive and lived in.

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