The Garden View

 4 Beds 
 2 Bath 
 24m Min Lot Width 

This has been one of our most sought after homes. First displayed in Dunsborough, it won the Regional Golden Key Award in 2000 for the best display home in the South West – a very daring design at the time, it had no formal entry and boasted a very unconventional break up of living spaces. But the biggest accolade the home has achieved is in a large number of home buyers throughout Western Australia that have chosen to build this home with us and who have told us what an incredible home it is to live in.

The View series was principally designed to nestle into a hillside or into a bush environment without being ostentatious. Evidence of the success of this can be found when driving along the back roads of Perth’s foothills, or around the South West: the home sits virtually unnoticed in its environment. The power of the home is its free-form living area which allows for 180-degree views and marries beautifully with the environment. Whether standing in the kitchen, seated at the dining table or sitting watching TV, one is involved in the outside environment.

Also assisting in this marriage is the verandah with its bush poles and exposed timber. In the free-form living area, a towering timber pole supports the roof structure, allowing a high raking ceiling through this total space. Beams run from the bush pole to the corners, adding to the earthy feel.

Perhaps the best aspect of this home is with the free-form living area facing north. This allows the intrusion of the winter sun, especially on the eastern and western sides of the hexagonal living space. South-west cross ventilation winds are then able to move through the windows on the southern side, cooling the home in summer. There are no windows to the bedrooms on the eastern and western sides and the carport protects bedroom three.

Like all Rural Building Company designs, The Garden View incorporates stringent environmental considerations. Ask for a specification brochure which details this and our high level of standard inclusions.

The Garden View is available in two alternative layouts, with either an activity or an office at the rear. Although there are photos of the home on the Internet we also have a large number of photos of both home designs that can be viewed on request. We’re confident you will find that this home not only functions well but that it will give you the same level of enjoyment as it has to the many people who have chosen it as their home over the last five years.

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Bed: 4
Bath: 2
Lot Width: 24m
House Area: 233.82m²

  • Free Form Living

  • Master Suite

  • Office

  • Verandah

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