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Designing your Walk-in wardrobe

Building and designing your new home is an exciting experience, you can have exactly what you want in your new house. So have you thought about including the ultimate walk in wardrobe in your building plans?


How to to design a his/her bedroom you will both enjoy!

Sometimes it’s difficult compromising on the interior design of your new home, particularly a personal room such as the master suite. Here are some tips to help keep it gender neutral (and keep the peace!) Design a his/her bedroom you will both enjoy! 1. Colour scheme Ensure you opt for neutral wall colours such as […]


Things to think about when designing a room

Size Think about how long the person will be living in the room. If it is a long period of time it might be better to have 2 bigger rooms in addition to the master bedroom, as opposed to 3 smaller rooms (in addition to the master). A primary school child now might want a desk for […]