Interior design tips from Jodie Cooper

4 WALLS & A CEILING – Jodie Cooper

You’ve finally got the keys to your own house, its all yours no more renting and landlords squashing your creativity. Check out some interior design tips to get the style home you want!

You can do whatever you want to make your house your home. And then you freeze!!! The purple & lime green trim you so desperately wanted to paint your rental is now a reality, and that’s when Paint Colour Anxiety sets in. Just as you have planned and worked on the selections and finishes of your house, the same planning needs to be applied to the interior .

Fear of choosing the wrong wall colour can can turn your design dreams into a Technicolor nightmare The pressure is on the painter is on site waiting for your decision……It dawns on you that you really should have spent more time planning your interior.

Planning Tips

1. Find inspiration – Start a style file for each room of your house. In addition to adding new images and ideas, discard the images that no longer appeal. A pattern will appear of design styles and colours that you gravitate
towards. This will become your bible and will be a huge help is the basis of your colour scheme.

2. Ace the base – Your Backdrop.Floors are the other largest surface finish in your home . It is important that floor finish and wall colour compliment each other . Connecting colours: Neutrals, beige’s whites & greys, these are the base colours that create your background to build upon.

3. Define the mood – Now you have a solid base scheme, you can add your personality. This is where your style file/bible comes into play. Consider “ALL” the finishes in your house: carpeting, window treatments, new or existing furniture items, artworks. Is there a mood or theme that you would like to achieve in a particular
space? Do you want a restful feel in the bedroom, or an energizing feel to the family room? The mood will lay the groundwork on the desired visual impact of a chosen paint colour palette.

Colour Trends

Who decides what is hot & what is not in colour?

According to Google:
“Pantone ,is the world-renowned authority on colour and write the standard language for colour communication from Designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer”

You do not need to paint a wall in your house to follow these trends. Splash out on a few new season cushions for the sofa a throw rug & small accessories, these little accents will have your house looking like the cover of the latest Belle magazine.

That is, until the next Pantone Colour Forecast…….