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Pole or Stumped Homes

Pole or Stumped Homes is the combination of pole or stumps to support a deck providing the basis for framing. This could be the best solution for difficult sloping sites as it alleviates the issues for cut and fill, bunding and retaining. It can also protect the site from extreme damage due to cutting and […]


Interior design tips from Jodie Cooper

4 WALLS & A CEILING – Jodie Cooper You’ve finally got the keys to your own house, its all yours no more renting and landlords squashing your creativity. Check out some interior design tips to get the style home you want! You can do whatever you want to make your house your home. And then […]


How to best light your bathroom

Check out some of the below tricks demonstrating how to best light your bathroom! Eye level mounted light either side of the mirror will help to reduce shadows on the face Be sure to add a dimmer to your lighting in case you do want to take a relaxing bath Decorative lighting such as an […]


Tips to colour your home

Check out our top 5 tips to colouring your home below! 1. Dark grey and charcoal can have a dramatic effect for a feature wall. This trend has been around for a few years and still going strong. Alternatively use a light grey for a more relaxing calmer feel. Ensure to enhance with lighting or […]


What is a smart home?

What is a Smart Wiring? You have probably come across the term before, but what does Smart Wiring actually mean and why is it beneficial to you? If you are looking to build or are currently building, listen up! Basically a smart wired home has a comprehensive wiring installation with cabling for speakers, phones, faxes, […]