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Reverse Brick Veneer

Reverse Brick Veneer is a thermally dynamic form of construction. It has the advantages of the aesthetics of a framed home and improved thermal efficiency over double brick. The mass of the brickwork moderates the internal temperature while the external lining provides the waterproofing to the home. Insulation between the external wall and the brickwork, […]


Rammed Earth

This is produced using a mix of soil and cement to obtain an impervious wall. It is built onsite, using formwork to hold the compacted material while it hardens. It is a single layer impervious wall. Although it sounds environmentally positive there are some real issues. Because of the high level of mass and the […]


Double Clay Brick and Slab on Ground

Double Clay Brick and Slab on Ground is the most conventional method of construction in WA. There is a cavity between the outside layer of brick and the inside layer so that moisture doesn’t penetrate into the home. The external layer is either in a face brick or can be a utility brick that is […]


Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer is the most common method of construction in Australia, but is rarely used in the sand plain coastal regions of Western Australia. It utilises either steel or timber framing internally with a skin of face brick externally. Alternatively, the outside layer of brick could be a utility brick that is rendered. Brick Veneer […]


Integrated Construction

Integrated Construction is the use of timber or steel framing utilising various forms of external cladding materials to provide weather protection and interesting architectural aesthetics. It is usually constructed using slab on a sand pad or waffle pod slab directly in contact with the ground. This form of construction is of great benefit in clay […]